The ‘Kolchak’-‘X-Files’ connection: Just how similar are these two shows?

Today, it's impossible to talk about "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" (1974-75, following TV movies in 1972 and 1973) without talking about "The X-Files" (1993-present). While this annoys some "Kolchak" fans, they have to admit that "The X-Files" has helped keep the "Kolchak" cult afloat – indeed, "The X-Files" is mentioned in the first sentence on the back of the "Kolchak" DVD collection.


‘Secret Agendas’ offers more ‘X-Files’ prose, more mistakes

I'll take my fix of new "X-Files" material where I can get it, but it's irritating that in IDW's third volume of "X-Files" short stories, "Secret Agendas," Jonathan Maberry and his team (if there is one) still make too many errors. The line-editing gaffes, such as "peak" instead of "peek," aren't as numerous as in the first volume, but the number of continuity errors is inexcusable.


‘X-Files’ flashback: 2016 miniseries

It was great to have "The X-Files" back with the six-episode miniseries earlier this year on Fox, and now it's available on DVD, and you get a lot of nice bonus features (including commentaries on three episodes) for your $14. I prefer the small-screen method of reviving the show, rather than the big screen, as it allows different types of "X-Files" stories to be told for about the same time and cost commitment as a movie.


‘The Truth is Out There’ serves up another mixed bag of ‘X-Files’ short stories

"The Truth is Out There," the February follow-up to last year's "Trust No One," serves up another mixed bag of "X-Files" short stories that's on par with the first collection. It's not "The X-Files" at its finest, but it's a fun assortment that will tide fans over between comic installments.


‘X-Files: Deviations’ one-shot a pointless take on a gimmicky concept

IDW's Seasons 10 and 11, despite initially being canonical, ended up being an interesting "what if" story when Chris Carter changed his mind and wrote a new story for TV. The one-shot comic "X-Files: Deviations" (March) is an alternate-universe story right from the get-go. In the spirit of Marvel's "What If?" and Dark Horse's "Star Wars Infinities" titles, the "Deviations" series tells "what if" stories in the worlds of "X-Files," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Ghostbusters," "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe."


Index of my ‘X-Files’ reviews

Here's an index of my "X-Files"/"Millennium" reviews in TV, movies, books and comics:


"X-Files" Season 1 (1993-94)

"X-Files" Season 2 (1994-95)

"X-Files" Season 3 (1995-96)

"X-Files" Season 4 (1996-97)

"X-Files" Season 5 (1997-98)

"X-Files: Fight the Future" (1998)

"X-Files" Season 6 (1998-99)

"X-Files" Season 7 (1999-2000)

"X-Files" Season 8 (2000-01)

"X-Files" Season 9 (2001-02)

"X-Files: I Want to Believe" (2008)

"X-Files" 2016 miniseries

"Millennium" Season 1 (1996-97)

"Millennium" Season 2 (1997-98)

"Millennium" Season 3 (1998-99)

"The Lone Gunmen" (2001)


"Goblins" by Charles Grant (1994)

"Whirlwind" by Charles Grant (1995)

"Ground Zero" by Kevin J. Anderson (1995)

"Ruins" by Kevin J. Anderson (1996)

"Antibodies" by Kevin J. Anderson (1997)

"Skin" by Ben Mezrich (1999)

"Trust No One" short-story collection (2015)

"The Truth is Out There" short-story collection (2016)

"Secret Agendas" short-story collection (2016)


Topps Issues 1-12 (1995)

Topps Issues 13-24 (1996)

Topps Issues 25-36 (1997)

Topps Issues 37-41 (1998)

Topps annuals, digests and special issues (1995-97)

Dark Horse "Lone Gunmen" one-shot (2001)

Wildstorm Issues 0-6 (2008-09)

Wildstorm/IDW "30 Days of Night" crossover miniseries (2010-11)

IDW Season 10 Issues 1-9 (2013-14)

IDW Season 10 Issues 10-17 (2014)

IDW Season 10 Issues 18-25 (2014-15)

IDW Season 11 Issues 1-8 (2015-16)

IDW "Conspiracy" miniseries (2014)

IDW "Year Zero" miniseries (2014)

IDW "Millennium" miniseries (2015)

IDW 2014 Annual and X-Mas Special

IDW 2015 Annual and X-Mas Special

IDW "Deviations" one-shot (2016)

Joe Harris wraps up Gibson Praise saga with truncated ‘X-Files: Season 11’

IDW's "X-Files: Season 11 comic series (August 2015-March 2016) is the latest epic story to get truncated due to outside commercial forces. Usually, those outside forces are bad (see the cancellation of TV's "Angel" and "Dollhouse" due to low ratings, or the cancellation of the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe – two years ago to this day – to make room for Disney's vision). In this case, those outside forces are good – the return of "The X-Files" to TV, with six episodes earlier this year and hopefully more in the future. But it still led to the shortening of Joe Harris' meticulously crafted Gibson Praise saga – which started back in Season 10, Issue 1, in 2013 – and that's a shame.


‘X-Files’ flashback: IDW’s 2015 Annual and X-Mas Special

While the 2014 Annual and X-Mas Special featured multiple standalone yarns in each issue, IDW takes a different tactic with the 2015 installments, part of the new Season 11 banner. Both issues feature one double-length story, and while the Annual's story is a standalone set during the heyday of the TV series, the X-Mas Special heavily ties into the events of Season 11.


‘X-Files’ flashback: IDW's 2014 Annual and X-Mas Special

Resurrecting a tradition from the old Topps comics, IDW's "X-Files" Season 10 comics have also featured special issues alongside the regular series, starting with 2014's Annual (April) and X-Mas Special (December), both of which feature two stories. While Joe Harris, the writer of the main title, writes one story, he mainly gives other wordsmiths a chance to tell standalone yarns set during any era of the saga.


‘X-Files’ flashback: IDW’s ‘Millennium’ miniseries (2015)

While "The X-Files" was spun off into novels as far back as 1994 and into comics in 1995, its sister series, "Millennium" (1996-99), didn't transition to another medium until 2015, 16 years after it left the airwaves. The fact that it's written by Joe Harris, who also meticulously pens the "X-Files" title, makes the five-issue "Millennium" series – a chronological tie-in with "X-Files" Season 10 -- about as good as it can be. But it has two things working against it that it can't quite overcome.


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