My favorite pop songs of the Aughts

Putting together my top 20 songs of the decade list is more personal, more a matter of taste, than compiling the TV and movie lists. There will be a few songs on this list that you love, too, but mostly it's stuff you have no interest in sampling, let alone purchasing.


My favorite movies of the Aughts

Next, here are my top 10 ... OK, 20 ... movies of the Aughts.

1, "Garden State" (2004) -- I'm not going to lie: This is just a romantic fairy tale -- average Joe finds true love with Natalie Portman (Portman's character doesn't seem to realize she looks like Natalie Portman, and she's all the more lovable for it) -- that I find very appealing. Great scene: The trio climbs atop a bus in a rainy ravine and lets out a big ol' yell, and somewhere "Only Living Boy in New York" is playing.


My favorite TV shows of the Aughts

Next, here are my top 10 TV shows. Some started in the '90s, but for this list, I am just showing the years they aired during this decade. This top 10 is front-loaded (the most recent shows ended three seasons ago), reflecting the downhill trend as the decade wore on.


My favorite entertainers of the Aughts

First, my top 10 entertainers. These are the people (and one fictional robot) who put a smile on my face in every project they tackled.


The best movies of the Aughts … as it happened

Sticking with the theme from my previous post, here are my No. 1 movies from the years 2000 through 2008, as I saw it at the end of each year.

I still like these movies, but this list would change a bit if I had a do-over. Particularly egregious is my selection of "The Perfect Storm" in 2000, the year that "Almost Famous" came out.


The best TV shows of the Aughts … as it happened

I thought it might be fun to look back on my picks for "best of the year" this decade as those years were ending (mostly fun for me, but you can enjoy it too, if you want).

My tastes haven't changed drastically as I aged from 21 to 31, but there will definitely be some tweaking of the rankings when I make my "best of the decade" list.


The really cool stuff of the Aughts wasn’t found in the mainstream

Time Magazine called it the "decade from hell," but Entertainment Weekly argued, in its latest issue, what about the entertainment? However, they failed to make their own case.

The Aughts really was a bad decade for mainstream entertainment. Although not, certainly, for entertainment overall. This was, after all, the decade when TV and music became more accessible, thanks to the Internet and DVRs, and by digging a little deeper, a determined person was able to keep from being bored.