John has moved to Cold Bananas

John Hansen's entertainment blog has moved to The new website will have all the movie, TV, book and comics posts you've come to expect from me (and I'm in the process of migrating my old posts as well), but with a cleaner look and crisper organization.

Additionally, I'm thrilled to have Michael Olinger join me as a blogger at Cold Bananas. A former newspaper movie critic like me, Michael attends more than 100 movies a year and will provide fresher reviews, and in a higher volume, than I tend to.

My top 10 movies list will close out 2017 (and usher in Cold Bananas) on Sunday, and in the new year, I plan on doing flashback series on the "Harry Potter" films and the "Planet of the Apes" saga (which marks 50 years in 2018). And I'll continue chipping away at my "Terminator" and "Buffy" reviews, while also weighing in on new TV shows and the latest home-video movie releases.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented here over the past nine years, and I hope you'll continue to do so at the new site!