My top 10 movies of 2016

These were my 10 favorite movies of 2016:

1. "The Witch" – This horror film set in Colonial America delivers a striking sense of time and place (so much so that you might want to put the subtitles on to grasp the language), with life-threatening poverty as an omnipresent invisible character. On top of that, it invokes another layer of foreboding horror: The religion-fomented fears are so real to this family – including Anya Taylor-Joy in a breakout turn as teenager Thomasin -- that they become real to us. Against this backdrop, the idea of "living deliciously" as a witch becomes a viable -- although still creepy as hell -- escape hatch.


My top 10 TV shows of 2016

These were my 10 favorite shows of 2016:

1. "Atlanta" (Season 1, FX) – Donald Glover's brainchild is a crazy mix of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-esque wry observations (Earn's inability to order a kids' meal), envelope-pushing storytelling choices (the pundit roundtable parody) and outright horrific violence (Earn witnesses a murder, then moves on like it's just another day in the ATL). It comes together as an on-point – albeit still crazy -- portrait of being a dead-broke young adult on the backstreets of a collapsing American city.